Twenty four hours at Nexus

4th September, 2017

In an ideal world, all projects are carefully planned, well-prepared for and executed with close precision. However, the truth is that many of us simply can’t operate like that all of the time, especially when deadlines are tight and our to-do lists are full. Working with such a wide variety of clients from all sorts of industries, we know first hand how common it is to have to rush work through at the last minute.

“I know the answer is probably no, but can you possibly deliver by tomorrow?”  - Clients

The fortunate result of dealing with these last minute requirements is that we know how to respond swiftly to urgent orders and get them pushed through against all odds.

A twenty-four hour lead time is a big no-no for some, but at Nexus we can achieve a surprising amount!

What can Nexus do in a day?

In 24 hours, on average we:

Drink 10 hot drinks
Eat 8 packed lunches
Travel 282.5 miles to and from work
Make 40 phone calls
Send 200 emails

And if you needed a next day delivery, we could print:

20 roller banners
5000 A5 flyers
1000 business cards
500 A4 booklets
10 self-adhesive window vinyls

We understand that workflows don’t always go swimmingly, so if you’re in a tight spot we will pull out all the stops to help you.

Next day delivery is available on a vast number of our printed products. Get in touch today to see how we could help.

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