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We believe great design connects

Our goal is simple – to form great connections with you so you can communicate your brand values through our designs. We create beautiful concepts that transcend your visions and communicate with your audience.

At Nexus you deal directly with our creatives

Our designers and developers truly believe in the power of design to simplify a message, while engaging and inspiring an audience.  We feel we can only communicate your ideas when we truly understand your passions and your goals. We listen, chat and brainstorm together – only then do we start to put pencil to paper and begin our design process.

Quality services

We are always looking at ways to progress our business and nurture and improve our skills along the way. During the 23 years we have been established, we have seen many changes to the industry and have embraced these changes to ensure we always provide the best quality service to all our clients.

We stay in touch

Your happiness is important to us so we regularly stay in close contact with our clients – even after the job is complete. As a marketing partner to many of our clients, we love to hear about your latest projects and encourage honest feedback throughout our working relationship.

Green policy

Environmental issues are important to us at Nexus. It’s for this reason we wish to outline our green policy with the hope of being able to inform our clients on best practises, eco-friendly print options and sustainable outsourcing:

Sustainable supply chain & eco-friendly printing

For us, responsible outsourcing is key to our environmental impact. This is why we ensure that our paper and card suppliers are FSC accredited, and that a variety of 100% recycled and combination recycled paper stocks are available to all our clients.

The printing methods we engage in off-site are conducted predominantly with local plants using vegetable based inks and in accordance with the ISO 14000 standard.

Recycle, re-use, reduce

We are proud to say that we recycle very nearly 100% of all paper, card, glass and other recyclable materials, including our toner cartridges. As a small team we don’t have a huge premises so our collective carbon footprint is resultantly small, nevertheless we ensure best energy-saving practices are followed to keep it this way.

For more information on how we’re an eco-friendly design agency, please get in touch.

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