Website talk: Q and A with Fiona

2nd August, 2017

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On Wednesday 30th August Fiona will be giving a talk in association with Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce all about how to assess if your website is working for or against you. This week I had a catch up with her to find out what we can expect to learn and how she think it will help business owners. 

What is your website talk about?

I will detail practical tips to help business owners and website editors to improve their business websites. The topics I will cover will address issues such as:

  • how to generate more enquiries and increase online sales
  • how to improve your ranking on Google
  • how to ensure your website is easy to update
  • how to check if your website is mobile friendly and easy to navigate

To address these issues I will cover the importance of having a clear digital marketing strategy as well as an easy to use CMS (Content Management System) and why it’s beneficial to regularly review your website design and structure. I will also be giving tips on SEO to help improve search engine rankings.

What made you decide to talk on this subject?

Websites play a huge part in fuelling business growth but there can be many reasons why websites don't perform well. Business owners can spend a lot of time and money trying to improve their websites without any success, leading to a lot of frustration. So I have put this talk together to help business owners understand how to improve the performance of their websites.

What do you find are the most common problems people have with their websites?

Business owners regularly ask us how they can generate more enquiries and increase online sales and there's usually a plethora of reasons why their website isn't performing well. Their website might contain out of date content, be hard to update or certain features don't load properly. Their website might not be mobile friendly, also known as responsive so it doesn't display properly on a mobile device, making it hard to navigate. I will be covering all of these issues and more.

When it comes to web design, why is an experienced agency so important?

As I mentioned, there's a lot to think about when improving the performance of a business website and it helps to have experience. Here at Nexus we have over 20 years worth of experience and regularly attend events and seminars to keep our knowledge up to date, inline with the development of different technologies. We design bespoke websites that are tailored to each client so they are able to get the most out of their business website. Don't just take my word for it, our clients are happy to report that:

'They helped us design and create a stunning dynamic website with features that are simple and functional' - University of Brighton
'The Nexus team have been an absolute delight to work with. They listened to everything I wanted, suggested so much more than I even thought of and implemented it all with incredible skill and attention to detail. I can't fault this company and am very grateful for all their hard work' - Boxbird Gallery
'We've had fantastic growth since our new site has launched - we did not expect to see a 150% increase!' - MoA Design

And finally, what key takeaways will attendees gain from your talk?

My talk offers practical tips on how to improve the design and functionality of their website. Using an online test, they'll find out just how mobile friendly and easy to navigate their current site is. We'll also look at ways to keep their site up-to-date and improve their ranking on Google. Plus, they'll understand the benefits of having an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) and will leave with a useful template for a digital marketing strategy.

Fiona will be leading her Brighton Chamber Bite-sized Learning talk, titled 'Is your website working for or against you?' at the Central County Cricket Ground in Hove on 30th August, 9.30-11.30am. For a more dynamic, customer friendly site that’s optimised for search, book your place now:

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