Brand identity

Knowing your aims is key

Your identity

Brand identity describes a business’s logo, imagery, font and tone of voice. These four elements should be consistent across all marketing and communications to ensure the brand is instantly recognisable. At Nexus we can help to align these elements and create a powerful and effective brand that communicates who you are and what you do in an instant

Your aims

Knowing your aims is key. It’s imperative we take time to thoroughly get to know you, your business and your audience, in order to create something that not only delivers impact but also provides a true representation of what your business does.

To get the insight we need, we usually begin with a kick-start meeting where we pick your brains and ask lots of questions. This process can often be where some of the best ideas get started and enable us to set to work on creating your brand.

The end result

The deliverables of a brand project usually include the logo, the fonts, the imagery and the colour pallette, but could also include more specific applications such as business stationery, staff uniforms and signage. Our brand identity package is completely tailored around the unique needs of each client, so it's a little bit different each time we do it. 

Have you got a new venture in the pipeline? Give us a call and tell us about it. We're always happy to discuss plans for new businesses and start-ups, in fact we take pride in being part of the journey from the very beginning. For an informal and no-obligation chat, give us a call today and get your project going. 

Our brand identity package is completely tailored around the unique needs of each client