Why print audits are a good idea

21st January, 2016

Print audit

Whether you're looking to save money, reduce waste, streamline your processes, or a bit of all these, conducting a print audit is a great idea.

You may yawn at the notion. We all know audits can be a time consuming process but the financial benefits are extremely worthwhile, and what's more we all have a responsibility to minimise the amount of paper we throw out.

An alarming finding by businesswaste.co.uk's recent survey told that an estimated 6.84 million tonnes of waste paper is not being recycled annually, and that the majority of businesses on average aren't succeeding in reducing the amount of paper products being purchased annually. This builds an unpleasant picture of over-purchasing on a huge scale, and poor waste management thereafter.

So what can be done?

Committing to a print audit means every process involving printed goods would be reviewed for optimisation. This covers everything from photocopier use to print purchasing - and the results are instant. You'll find out so much about your needs as a business and the true cost of inefficiency.

Once you've gained this insight and established a new process, implementing an economical approach to paper usage within an office environment is usually relatively straight forward. But how do you effectively manage print purchasing?

This is an example of where having a trustworthy and knowledgeable print partner is increasingly important. A responsible supplier should recommend cost effective and low-waste solutions, and not prioritise making the biggest sale. Good print management practises include:

  • Using a single source supplier to minimise internal admin time
  • Maximising budgets through smart production methods
  • Bulk buy where necessary but only pay for what you need as standard

If you're considering a print audit this year and would like to talk to us about streamlining your print buying, please get in touch on 01273 702525 

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