Article: 10 Business signage solutions

Business signage, much like a business's logo, can be the first thing about your company that a potential customer sees. You want that frist impression to be a good one.
Signage that doesn't represent your brand can be a real let down, and little or no signage at all can mean you get overlooked all together. 

If your business or shop signage is looking a little tired, look no further for a plethora of inspiration. We’ve compiled a shortlist of 10 eye-catching signage solutions that show what’s possible when a bit of creativity is applied.

1) The vinyl building wrap

Self-adhesive vinyl is the best it’s ever been. With vinyls that can hug brickwork, cover skyscrapers and stay vibrant for years why not consider this option to cheer up a boring building front. Here’s Apple and Converse to show us how it’s done:

Image sources: RikeshPatel & Lynch / Eisinger / Design 


2) Custom shapes

3D signage using custom shapes is eye-catching and widens the scope for a unique design. Urban Outfitters have played cleverly with perspective and shadows in these great examples:

Image sources: The Next generationImgur

3) Natural textures

We have the power to print direct to wood, as well as work with a huge variety of other natural materials. Working with stone and wood can either look cool and contemporary, or rustic by contrast - as evidenced here by Wholefoods and Givenchy:

 Image sources: Kulikuli FoodsGivenchy 

4) The lightbox

With the use of modern LED bulbs instead of unpleasant flickering fluorescent tubes - the ligthbox has taken on a new lease of life in recent years. Choosing a lightbox for your signage can ensure your business gets seen - lots of well known commercial brands use lightboxes to attract attention on busy high streets. Lightboxes can look retro or modern, depending on the nature of the brand and the way the design is put together:

Image sources: BingkaiDineroclub 


5) Traditional signage

Whilst we love exploring the new, there is certainly nothing wrong with the old. Take a traditional approach, with engraved or embossed signage. These can be produced from simple .eps files which we can create in our studio.

Image sources: CNBCFoodepedia

6) Digital signage 

Feeling really ambitious? Digital signage takes it to the next step and provides animated graphics to entice passers by. Already being snapped up by the likes of Nike, Selfridges and other big brands, there’s huge scope for creativity here if you have the budget.

Image sources: Digital Signage UniverseAvinterative  


7) Mounted banner signage

Once installed, this signage option is really easy to update with new graphics. Wall or pole mounted banner signage is a modern and increasingly popular option for businesses across a variety of industries (there’s room for a bit of fun in the design too)

Image sources:  & Flikr signage 

8) Statement

Signage can not only get you noticed, but it can also ensure you get remembered. Our home town of Brighton is brimming with creative signage solutions that cry out for attention, Komedia and Punktured in North Laine are just two awesome examples:

 Image sources: We Love Brighton, Komedia Sign & Brilliant Brighton, Punktured signage 

9) Minimalist

Making less noise with your brand can sometimes have a bigger impact. A minimalist approach may be best for your business signage, stripping back the logo and materials and keeping the scope clean and simple:

Image sources: San Del Man sign &

 And finally…

10) The hoarding

Having some renovations done? Get creative with your hoarding. Vinyl, MDF and foamex can make great hoardings and shouldn’t break the bank. This hoarding for Dior is just brilliant:

Image source: Mistermort


Nexus can cover all your creative signage needs, and we’ll manage the whole project through from concept to installation.

Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your business’s image, get yourself noticed on the high street or cement your brand’s credibility, talk to us today and discover what’s possible.