Make a small exhibition space work for you

29th January, 2015


For most businesses, having a large prominently placed exhibition stand is just not financially viable. And for many start-ups even a small exhibition stand can be viewed as a rather expensive, albeit necessary marketing choice.

We regularly work with small businesses with varying budgets to help them make the most out of their exhibition space, to ensure their marketing message is conveyed no matter the size of their plot.

Here are 4 tips that can help you work with your space not against it

Go Modular: Investing in a modular stand is a great choice for start-ups thanks to its flexible and adaptable design. Most modular stands are re-configurable and allow you to recreate your stand each time you use it. The flexibility allows you to rework the stand with renewed graphics and additional components, transforming your stand each time your exhibit. Adding these extra components to your original stand means you can expand the design to fit to a larger space for future exhibitions. Have a look at our online modular brochure for inspiration or download the PDF. 

Lighting: Lighting can help form the overall atmosphere of your stand. Make sure you have enough lighting so your visitors can clearly see the services or products you offer. Your prospects need to be able to read your marketing messages and graphics clearly, so ensure your lighting picks out the important areas of your stand.

Keep your exhibition clean & tidy: Working in a small space with your team means you really can’t afford to have coats, bags or cups of tea lying around. Not only does it look sloppy but also it will quickly take up your precious space that would be best used for your marketing materials. Many of the modular stands offer adaptable storage systems allowing you to store your possessions within specific sections of the stand. The table used below acts as a storage space as well as a carry case for transporting your stand. 

Marketing material:  No matter the size of your stand having quality informative marketing material is essential to support any exhibition or event. So if you are on the smaller scale you must make sure your flyers are appealing and also original. Think outside the box and leave the traditional methods up to the old guys. By being inventive, word will soon spread and visitors will come flocking.

Consider throwing a competition and promote it on social media prior to the event.

Make sure you are also tweeting and networking in real time while you are at the exhibition. More and more businesses are tuning in to twitter throughout B2B exhibitions. Having your finger on the pulse and being active on social media while on site will make your presence known, help you promote that competition and grow those contacts.

If you want a few more tips to help you make the most out of your exhibition stand then be sure to read our top 10 steps to a tip top tradeshow. 

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