Ikea recreate bike scene from ‘The Shining’ in eerie new Ad…

30th October, 2014

Ikea_shining Ad

Child in empty Ikea store for Halloween Ad

Halloween is always a perfect time for the advertising greats to have a go at out shining each other (pun intended). And this year there have been some amazing advertisements and commercials that have many of us talking, the US Oreo and Skittles ad’s to name a few. In fact AdWeek have a great collection of Halloween posts for you to puruse. 

Now we'll quite openly say, we are not massive fans of Ikea. In fact the idea of spending any of our free time wandering the halls of one of their big warehouses fills most of the Nexus team with dread. That said, the latest commercial by the marketing gurus at Ikea Singapore takes a trip around an Ikea store to a spooky new level.

In homage to the classic horror movie 'The Shining' and to promote their late night shopping, the team filmed a cool parody of the famous scene of Danny, on his tricycle riding around the hotel. A scene that still makes me nervous - feel free to watch the original here.

I think i'll stick to the Ad!

Happy Halloween!

Source: Blue Global youtube.com

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