Evian Skating Babies Ad

7th July, 2009

It was 11 years ago that Evian last had a memorable TV ad. Babies, standing in a perfect line along the side of a swimming pool, diving in one after the other and then performing a synchronized swimming ballet. The ad won an Epica award and a Bronze Film Lion at Cannes. The strap line was “Approved by your body as a source of youth.”

The latest ad keeps the baby theme and continues to play on the 'Evian as the fountain of youth' but this time the campaign has encompassed the power of the net by releasing teasers on YouTube before it aired:

Evian Baby Moonwalk Teaser

Evian Baby Break Dance Teaser

The teasers build up to the main ad which includes over 90 babies filmed at Pinewood Studios. The ad is set to Rapper’s Delight by Dan The Automator, and shows the babies chilling out on roller boots and performing amazing stunts.

This is one of my favourites at the moment and is a welcome change to some of the bland TV advertising that appears on screen. Spending a little bit on your TV ad production can make all the difference. Evian may only pull ads out of the hat every decade but when they do they come up trumps.

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