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A creative design agency in Brighton

We believe that great design connects.

A nexus is a way of linking different goals, strategies and campaigns into a unified force.

We are a creative design and marketing agency in Brighton.  We help your business to effectively connect all its goals, strategies and campaigns into a powerful, cohesive whole.

How can Nexus help you?

If you’re looking for a design agency that can help you integrate your marketing and set you apart from the competition, then you’ve found us. Together we can take your brand strategy to the next level, both on and offline.

Brighton’s design and marketing agency

Great designs bring everything together. Here at Nexus we work hard to connect with you so you can connect with others. We'll connect:  

  • Your print with your digital marketing
  • Your brand with your customers
  • Your advertising with your target audience
  • Your business with success

We have years of experience delivering quality creative and printing services and pride ourselves on being a team of listeners who really care about each and every project we deliver.

  • We take time to get to know your business before we start getting all creative – but we will still aim to meet your crazy deadlines.
  • We always stay inside your budget whilst we’re thinking outside the box.
  • By understanding all your business goals we can help you to deliver cost-effective campaigns that have maximum impact.

If you need a design and marketing agency that can connect your branding, printing, web, advertising and signage needs, call us on 01273 702525 or email us at We’re always happy to come and find out about you and you are always welcome to drop by our friendly office in East Sussex for a chat, a cuppa and a biscuit or two.

Integrated design, print and digital marketing from Nexus

Whether you are looking for stand-alone services or integrated campaigns, find out more about how we can help you join the dots and build your brand.

How can we help?

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