Stella Artois 4% - Tunnel Ad

23rd June, 2009

Stella Artois always seem to have great TV ads and the latest offering by their agency, Mother, for the 4% brand is no exception.

The ad is called Tunnel and has a cartoon-like story of a young and handsome chicken-van driver who progressively improves his lot and ends up with a smart suit and fancy sports car after numerous swaps with another driver as they travel through a series of tunnels.

There is something very 'French' about the ad and like all Stell Artois TV ads it seems to be set in times gone by and this one has a distinct 50s/60s feel. There is an almost slapsitck quality to the story which could have come out of an early Pink Panther movie.

Does the ad make me want to go out and get a pint of Stell Artois 4%? Probably not. Does the ad tell a story and entertain me for 40 seconds? Definately!

This ad works as part of the series of Stella Artois adverts which reinforces the brand with every showing and hardwires into our memories. Keep up the good work.

Jason Edge

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