10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Twitter

2nd April, 2009

As a relative newbie to the world of tweeting there are few tips that I've picked up that I thought I should share. Old hands at Twitter will groan but if you are just getting started then this might be of some help:

  1. You can use it to inject some personality into your brand - remember people like dealing with people so act human and not like a corporate robot.
  2. Drive other Tweeps (people who use Twitter) to your website. Remember you only have 140 characters so use links to your website or blog so people can find out more.
  3. Promote offers but don't over do it. It is supposed to be a micro-blogging site not your own personal advertising service.
  4. Highlight any relevant industry news or research and link to your source. Tweeps will be more interested in what you have to say if you are knowledgeable.
  5. Don't just brag about your achievements (yawn) you will bore and lose your followers.
  6. Ask for customer's opinions, they may actually have something useful for you to consider.
  7. Network with other businesses, share best business practices and gain some positive corporate PR.
  8. Get involved with the other Tweeps. Don't just post tweet after tweet, join a conversation. It's good to talk.
  9. Do it right. There is not a lot of etiquette to learn but be polite and remember that the perception of your whole company could rest on your next tweet.
  10. Most importantly be genuine. Good content = more followers.

If you are not sure just ask someone most people are happy to help.

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