The importance of your brand logo.

10th June, 2014

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To fit in with one of our latest creative design case studies we thought we'd give a you a little insight into how our creative team develop their ideas and what goes on during a re branding project. An engaging logo design is the anchor point for every brand or company and should be at the core of any marketing strategy for small businesses.

Establishing a likeable logo that represents everything about your business within a simple design can be an overwhelming challenge - you need to consider the colours, type and impression of the design - this will essentially be the face of your company.

Using a stylish and engaging logo can turn your business and reputation around and has the power to get the right people noticing you. The main purpose of your logo is to be a visual representation for your company and business using a graphic, symbol or trademark that will ultimately be the pivotal recognition of your brand by your clients.
marmitelogo273x210_tcm28-293446A really good logo even has the ability to stir up feelings you have for a particular brand just by looking at it. Think of the Marmite logo for example, the logo colours and fonts have become an overall representation of the product and nowadays just by seeing the logo one instantly thinks of the famous love/hate campaign which can even stir up those exact emotions you have for the product!

Having a clear identity and knowing what you expect of your logo is vital - are you a serious brand with a clear cut message or are you trying to display a fun and energetic vibe. Here at Nexus our wealth of experience in producing logos has given us the chance to interact with a vast range of businesses and progress our own brand development practice.

It is important when designing a company logo to ensure you have a clear understanding of the company and their current identity. We'll take it right back to the beginning and literally draft out our ideas on our sketchpads this is where the magic happens and when you can really get the creative side of the project underway. Once we have a simplified the concept we keep developing with the brief and client in mind.
We try to allow for as much creative flow as possible whilst always remembering the main purpose to communicate with the company audience. See our recent logo development project Scrumptious Foods Logo...

If you're looking at re branding your business then ask people what they think about your current logo - getting honest feedback on your logo can be really beneficial as it can help shape and outline the branding strategy you choose. It might be that people hate the colour or that it just doesn't truly convey the message you believe it does. Whether it's good or bad feedback there is no harm in putting yourself out there and hearing what your customers have to stay - It can be a really useful technique to help point your designers in the right direction.

Feel free to give us a call we'll be happy to chat through your own branding requirements.

If you fancy understanding a logo development process on a larger scale, have a read of this latest Creative Bloq article which explores the concepts behind Wolff Olins' re brand of Virgin Media and the innovative thinking behind the project.images

Can you replace a logo with a gesture? Behind the rebrand of Virgin Media by Wolff Olins'?


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