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23rd November, 2010

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Its that time of year again! Where fairy lights with broken bulbs descend from the attic and shopping malls become full to bursting point. Christmas is the busiest time of year for retailers and as well as an increase of in-store activity and special offers galore, many brands turn to the medium of television to highlight their latest offerings, treats and presents.

There are some adverts we look forward to seeing, adverts that define the holiday season and spread a bit of Christmas joy. For example, the Coca Cola advert with the holidays are coming song and the John Lewis adverts, which each year take on a new creative, are beautifully constructed and full of Christmas warmth.

But there are others which are monotonous. Ones that drive you crazy and seem to start airing half way through September! There is an influx of perfume and aftershave adverts - ads which are either romantic, sexy or mysterious but at the same time drive you crazy by appearing so frequently on our screens. Christmas is prime time for these brands so understandably they want to position themselves in the right slots for the right audience, but sometimes they just appear to all roll into one and fail to stand out amongst their competitors.

There are some brands that wait until this time to make a return to TV after months, or even years of absence. Matalan have just launched their first TV campaign in over 4 years and Terrys Chocolate Orange, who see a boom in sales around this time and have been absent for over 3 years, has also created a campaign perfectly timed to remind people about the perfectly round little stocking fillers.

Whether you love them or hate them, Christmas adverts are not going to go away. Question is...which one is your favourite?

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