Diamonds are a girls best friend

11th December, 2008

This Christmas H.Samuel have released a suite of TV adverts including one full length advert and three teaser ads. The ads feature animation by 'The Moving Picture Company'.

The theme continues on from their 2007 Christmas adverts and once again feature the magical jewellery expert, 'Mr Sparkle,' collecting sparkles for diamonds used in their jewellery.

This year 'Mr Sparkle' is working hard in his vast workshop carefully selecting the right sparkle from his collection and adding it to the diamond.

The beautifully animated adverts have a magical, festive feel and highlights the history and heritage of H.Samuel, with over 140 years of experience. The care that 'Mr Sparkle' takes to choose the right sparkle conveys the message that each piece of jewellery is carefully crafted and of high quality. 'Mr Sparkle' also appears in H. Samuel's brochures, in store POS and on their website.

The adverts immediately caught my attention. The music, perfectly captures the magic and excitement that this time of year brings and is in parts reminiscent of a Danny Elfman/Tim Burton collaboration score.

The high quality of the animation, the quirkyness of the character and the fluid camera movements all contribute to the overall quality feel of the production. Although the ad is entirely CGi it has managed to avoid the usual 'soulless-on-a-budget' feel.

Customer feedback influenced these ads, as Jeff Jones, H.Samuel Brand Controller explained: "We found consumers were both interested in and reassured by our history and experience - from a small shop in Liverpool in 1862, we have grown to 356 stores today because we understand the emotion behind real jewellery for real people, particularly at Christmas."

Happy shopping everyone!

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