Article: Why the best car wraps are the perfect vehicles for promotion

Why the best car wraps are the perfect vehicles for promotion

We have been producing vehicle wraps for businesses for many years now. As the industry grows and technology progresses, we’ve found this form of business promotion has become far more creative and flexible by allowing brands to transcend their messages in a fun and exciting way. 

But how do you judge what makes an effective vehicle wrap? What are the key factors to consider to ensure you achieve a high quality finish and attract the right attention while you’re on the move?

Here are a few primary factors to consider when planning a vehicle wrap: 

Design – ensure your designers have extensive experience, are using the latest vehicle templates and can provide high quality artwork to the printer (ideally in vector form). Each angle, bump and crevasse needs to be considered at the design stage so you need a great designer that you have confidence in.

Materials – Like most things, the quality of a car or vehicle wrap is very much dependent on the price you are willing to pay. Materials include high-quality vinyl, high cost cast vinyl, the slightly cheaper calendared vinyl and laminate. There are other options out there so just ask your designers which material is best for your specific design and your budget.

Installation: This may seem like a relatively simple and quick part of the process but in fact the installation stage takes an awful lot of skill and patience. Each material behaves differently so it is up to the installer to ensure the various medias are installed perfectly onto the vehicle in the appropriate way.

Before appointing an agency or designer, take a moment to consider the following questions to ensure they offer you the best advice:

  1. Who does the design and how long have they been offering a vehicle wrap service?

  2. Do they offer a free mock-up service?

  3. Do they work with the latest templates?

  4. What materials do they work with and what do they recommend for your budget?

  5. Who will be installing the wrap and what production procedures are used?


Now you have a better idea of what is required to make a spectacular vehicle wrap, we thought we’d collate together our favourite attention-grabbing vehicle wraps.
You don’t have to just have your name and number on the vehicle to be taken seriously. You may find the more adventurous you are with your designs, the more likely you are to get people to interact with your campaign or brand. 

7 attention grabbing vehicle wraps

These clever designs make great use of the shape and purpose of the vehicle itself to tell their brand story. They also make it look rather cool too!

Source: CAM Foundation
DHL cleverly represent their brand message “The fastest express service” with this inventive van wrap.

Source: Pinterest
Innocent who are well known for their grass office floors in “Fruit Towers”, make use of this theme which is reflective of their brand and looks fun and inviting.

Source: Pinterest
We love this clever design that actually ingrates part of the vehicle into the brand message and promotion.

Source Creative Guerrilla Marketing
Fun and imaginative bus wrap by Asics

Source: Materialise Interiors
We couldn’t create a list of favourite vehicle wraps without a little nod to the very cool Brighton & Hove bus aimed at encouraging more people to “get on and go somewhere”. The bus stylishly showcases Brighton destinations, designed and produced by the super talented local artist Jason McQuillen (aka ‘iownthisart’) & Harrison Agency.


Source: Fredrick Samuel
Another smart and slightly controversial wrap that openly challenges Fedex’s direct competition with UPS. The wrap symbolically states that Fedex not only offer a more efficient service than its competitors, but that it is so good that even UPS themselves choose to use it.

Source: Pinterest
Although the Devon girl in me doesn’t quite commend this Cornish pasty van ;-) I do appreciate the simplicity used here, which conveys clear product and brand awareness.