Guide to print finishes: Lamination

Lamination: is the process of applying a thin plastic coating onto your printed sheet largely available in a matt or gloss finish.

Dependant on the job or product you are producing, choosing the right finish can really tailor the way your material is perceived by your customers so it is worth giving it some thought.

As a general rule your printed material is laminated in order to maintain its longevity and it is also a good form of protection to avoid stains and spills – perfect if you are producing a bar / restaurant menu, for example.

Your lamination can be applied as single or double sided and although the process is placed over the printing it doesn’t affect or detract from your printed artwork.

The amount you choose to spend on your printed material is up to you but lamination is really about the durability of your product so have a think about how your artwork will be used. Whether it’s a promotional poster, a menu and business card or a flyer, considering what it will be used for is a good starting place to understanding the type of lamination that is required for your job.

It is highly recommended to have a lamination applied if you are producing a product in a long print run – this is a cost effective way of getting the lamination you want as the cost will reduce the more prints that are produced.

You should also think about the thickness of the lamination you choose the thicker the lamination will offer a stronger feel and weight – again this is something that we will talk through with you but understanding how this will affect your overall product is a handy tip.

A matt lamination offers a smooth surface and is generally considered a more sophisticated look and has quite a luxurious feel.

With a gloss lamination you get a much more vibrant appearance, it offers a spark to your print and gives a punch to your artwork to give it that extra bit of lift.

Soft- Touch lamination: This high-end lamination is a fresher, more luxe lamination and is an increasing popular option. It offers a similar look to the matt finish but has an added feel of quality – and really needs to be felt to understand the difference.

Anti-Scuff lamination: A matt finish which reduces the impact of marking.  This is a great option for business card, booklets, wallets and folders and is often recommended option for professions such as tradesmen where the product is susceptible to dirt and scratches. A good option for artwork with block colour or a darker tone design.

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