Marlow Ropes

Brochure redesign and layout

Marlow Ropes Ltd manufactures quality ropes for the Leisure Marine, Industrial and Defence markets. Marlow’s leisure marine division produces ropes for Grand Prix Racers, Cruisers, Superyachts, Classic Boats and Dinghies, whilst the industrial and defence ropes are found everywhere from rigging slings to abseiling towers.

Marlow’s pioneering designs have been tested in some of the most harsh and unforgiving environments on Earth, as a supplier for Fire & Rescue teams as well as the armed forces the integrity of the product is absolutely critical.

Marlow still manufacture on the same site in Hailsham, East Sussex, as they have done for over half a century. Marlow were born in 1957 and are now established in 6 continents world wide.

Nexus recreated and designed a fresh new identity for a collection of our product brochures. We’re delighted with the quality of everything produced and the helpfulness and professionalism that all Nexus staff showed us along the way and continue to do whilst working on this mammoth project! We have a tough product and technical data list to work with that would test the best of us but James was able to take the information onboard and work with me to create a great looking group of brochures. – Thank you!

Marlow Ropes Brochures


Being the lucky winners of our prize draw at Let’s Do Business 2015, we were delighted to be asked to work on a fresh new design for Marlow Ropes’ brochure. With technical and industry specific content, the brochure needed to be informative and clear as well as engaging to potential buyers.


We started by creating a design template and working with our contact Milly, to establish the look and feel for the document. The plan was to create a design that could be rolled out across subsequent issues of the brochure which would focus on different elements of the business, so we created a design and pricing structure to suit the plan for on-going work.


The first brochure was a huge success. Milly and her team were very pleased with the product that we had created. Before long we were taking the brief for the next brochure and streamlining the project process to ensure maximum efficiency. We have just completed subsequent brochures for Marlow, creating a powerful and consistent marketing set.

Marlow Ropes Brochures
Marlow Ropes Brochures

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