Laine's Pub Company

Pocket map

The Brighton based Laine's Pub Company own and operate a range of licensed premises in and around the City. The website offers invaluable information on the important topic of where to drink, where to eat and where to be entertained - catering to a diverse array of tastes and appeals. With a top-notch collection of establishments under their belt, Laine's offer exclusive insights into the very best establishments to frequent with all the information a new or seasoned Brightonian could need. 


The client had produced an illustrated map of the city, indicating the whereabouts of all their venues. The challenge for Nexus to overcome was to work out a format which could show the vast amount of information included within the map, whilst still folding down to an easy to use and portable guide.


We threw the print rule book out the window and designed a product that didn't conform to a standard print spec. The way the map is made to fold, adds intrigue and complements the quirky illustration style.


The finished product is a fantastic, high quality piece of print. As time moved on, we continued to print new copies when the business expanded and were pleased to see the project evolve over time. We enjoyed working with the Laine Pub team and hope we helped to guide many a customer safely to their establishment of choice!


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