Article: The really useful guide to web usability

Ten simple steps to understanding importance of web usability


Having an online presence is more important today than ever but we still find small businesses are not making the most of the benefits from having a good user friendly website. In order for website users to have a valuable and meaningful experience it is crucial to offer relevant and accessible content.

The best website design will create a site that not only looks great but works effortlessly. We always want to provide our customers with a site that works for them, guiding them through their on-site journey and ultimately aiding them to make that purchase or pick up that phone.

We invite you to delve further into the world UXD – we’ll show you who truly benefits from such an approach, why it may be relevant to you and offer up ten simple user led steps whichwill help you cut website design costs, drive your online revenue and capture more leads. 

Although our guide will provide you with pretty much everything you need to know we thought we’d quickly touch on the following key areas that are central to understanding and applying user experience in web design.

  • Useful and valuable
    Keep your content fresh and realise the needs of your user – know who is visiting the site, why they are there and what they want from your site. Having informative content that your customer will find useful will make your site a respected resource and shows you understand the requirements of your user.
  • Usable and desirable
    Ensure your site is easy to use and offers an attractive and intuitive experience. Don’t over complicate the layout and design, your site can be stylish yet needs to be straightforward and necessary to the user.
  • Findable and accessible
    Ensure the site is full of relevant content which can be found easily within and outside of the site. The content needs to be available with easy access and direct navigation. Having a natural flow to your site avoids frustrating the user, this way they are far more likely to spend more time clicking through your site and therefore make that all important call or purchase. 
  • Credible
    Your users must also trust and believe what you are saying so it’s important to provide engaging and reliable content. Having trust in business is key to being successful. You need to provide sound information that your user can rely on. They will remember you for it and even better, may spread the word by sharing your amazing content.

So, want to learn more? We thought you might, just download our ‘Really useful guide to web usability’ it's completely free and jammed packed with additional usability tips. 

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While you're here why not check out a few of our own web development projects below, built and designed with the user in mind.

GrowtivationWe developed a complex ecommerce site for Growtivation. This was the companies’ first website so it important to develop their online personality and integrate their already well established brand identity. The company had a vast range of products across a range of categories so we needed to consider this so not to over complicate the layout of the site and help the user move throughout the site with ease. 

Mayo Wynne Baxter Responsive Website: We were asked to re work their website wire frame, to update the design and give it a fresh look while keeping elements of their brand. To improve the usability we adopted a responsive website and streamlined the content by introducing clear cut categories so that the user can reach what they are looking for with ease.

Moa : We are currently developing an ecommerce site for this home and lifestyle company which involves a full re design and integrating a new bespoke CMS system. It‘s important to develop a smoother and clean structure which will assist the customer journey and integrate more specialist categories to move their customers throughout the site.