Why you need digital marketing?

There has been a sea of change in consumer behaviour and Nexus can help you develop a digital marketing strategy to take advantage of it.

  • Consumers in the UK will spend more time on their laptops, tablets and mobiles this year than they spend watching TV
  • On average 3 hours and 41 minutes each day will be spent Googling on their gizmos...
  • ...compared to 3 hours and 15 minutes gazing at the goggle-box[1].

Businesses who want to ride the waves created by the ‘connected consumer’ need to make a big splash online if they are to catch the web surfers.

We can review your online presence and recommend how you can most effectively make your budgets give you the biggest bang.

There is no such thing as an out-of-the-box digital strategy, so we take the time to find out about your business, your goals, your markets, your current online assets and your competition before we help you decide where to concentrate your digital marketing spend.

Developing a digital strategy

We can help you to evaluate the potential benefits for your business of each strategic area and help you create a digital strategy based on targeted online campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Here are some of the ways we can help you reach new audiences, convert your leads and retain your customers

Contact us for help creating a digital strategy that will build your online presence, expand your customer base and increase your sales.

 Want to find out more about creating an effective digital presence?

Your digital presence is a crucial part of your business but it is not the only part. We work with you to understand how your online marketing can complement and enhance your other sales and marketing activities.

However you want to work with us, we keep the goals of your business at the heart of your developing digital strategy.

Key components of a digital strategy for your business

Search Engine Optimisation

With 80-90% of all purchases of products or services now involving an online search, contact us today to find out more about our holistic SEO services. We marry technical and creative approaches for search matches made in heaven.


Social Media Marketing

  • Ever felt that your tweets are something of a one-sided conversation?
  • Is your business butting in rather than linking in?
  • Does your face fit on Facebook?
  • Is your social media marketing getting a Google+ or is it just going nowhere?

Social media offers businesses of all sizes the chance to really engage with their market and achieve the holy grail of direct conversations with consumers. But for all the talk of linking in it can feel like your efforts are not directly related to your main marketing mix. We can bring social media back into the fold and help you swap hot air for warm leads and ineffective posts for targeted goals.

Content Marketing

You have worked hard to build a business you are truly proud of. But simply saying this will not inspire trust or help you win new customers.

Content marketing is a way to sell a good night’s sleep rather than a mattress. It shows rather than tells.

In doing so it offers you a way to effectively reach a larger audience. By increasing the authority of your website, you will appear for more searches and benefit from more visitors as a result.

It also helps you to convert these visitors into sales and enquiries. Through thought leadership you can position your business as a trustworthy authority.

You have already done the hard work—let us help you make sure everyone knows just how much you know your stuff.

Want to take your digital marketing to the next level?

Whatever size your business is, you can still take your digital marketing to the next level. We can help you attract new visitors, convert more customers and make your online spend an accountable and effective part of your marketing mix.

Whether you are just starting to build your online presence, starting to develop it or starting to wonder how to improve it, starting a conversation with us will help you pull out all the stops.