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Junior Web Developer

This summer, an opportunity for a budding junior web developer will be opening at Nexus. As our core design and marketing services move further into the digital space, we find ourselves in need of an extra pair of hands to ensure we can continue designing, building and launching beautiful new websites whilst also tending to the on-going needs of our existing clients, keeping their sites in great condition. 

Our requirement isn’t necessarily for a formally trained developer. What is more important to us, as well as being confident in basic coding, is that you are also genuinely interested in expanding your skillset, learning new approaches and growing your abilities. If you have the drive, we will invest in you.  

It’s crucial that you at least know HTML, CSS and the basics of PHP.  If you’re familiar with Javascript / jQuery, MySQL, LESS and GIT - even better. Part of your job will cover server management, hosting setup (in Plesk) and client email setup so a bit of knowledge in this area would be handy. A little bit of command line might also crop up too. The CMS we use most frequently at Nexus is one we have developed in house, so we would be keen to have your involvement in developing this software and contributing to its evolution over time. Occasionally you might be client facing, so you need to be comfortable chatting about projects in meetings and translating developer speak into language that is easier to understand.

Our web development department is currently run single handedly by Steve Elford, who will oversee your training and work schedule. He is self-taught and has a background in illustration, so he partners well with the creative team and works hard to bring their designs to life online. Every member of the studio works together to ensure that tasks are completed fully and to a high standard, we also work hard to maintain a relaxed and happy working environment, so it’s important that any new team member who comes on board shares our approach to work and contributes positively to the dynamic. 

So do you fancy giving it a shot? Our door is open for a chat if you think you might be interested. The start date is a few months off, but in the meantime we look forward to getting to know you and seeing what you can do. 

To arrange an interview please send a covering letter and a CV to or give us a call on 01273 702525  

Fancy a peek at the type of projects you'd be working on? Check out our portfolio.

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