5 Design Secrets From The Nexus Studio

19th September, 2017

Creative design sketch

It’s true that creative people work in a myriad of different ways. Here in Shoreham, the Nexus graphic design team is made up of James Morrison and Fiona Edmunds-Prosser. They spend every working day delving deep into their creative resources, fulfilling briefs and meeting deadlines for a huge range of different kinds of projects. But how do they keep that drive going? Drive can be a real problem in design studios. When the pressure is on to create, create, create, there’s a good chance...

clock xMM60MK

Twenty four hours at Nexus

In an ideal world, all projects are carefully planned, well-prepared for and executed with close precision. However, the truth is that many of us simply can’t operate like that all of the time, especially when deadlines are tight and our to-do lists...