An Introduction to SEO

31st May, 2017

Intro to SEO

On Thursday 11th May, our graphic designer Fiona attended a bite-sized learning event organized by the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce, hosted by the Sussex County Cricket Club. The speaker, Peter Phillpot, the Commercial Director at SiteVisibility, presented an informative talk titled ‘Introduction to SEO’. Fiona went along for two reasons; the first reason is that she’s putting together a bite-sized session on web design, so she was hoping to pick up some presenting...

Creative chalk

Five things we know about creativity

  “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Einstein. Creativity is something human beings are pretty amazing at. It’s how we reach innovation and discover new and improved methods for doing things - from inventions to strategies...

hill meadow tree green

How to be an eco-friendly print buyer

When I think about the impact of our industry on the environment, my head starts to spin a little bit. Not a minute goes by in my day-to-day life where I can’t see an example of a piece of print, whether it be a magazine, a newspaper, a leaflet,...