Studio Sessions inside the sketchbook

14th August, 2015

BAA Sketches

Welcome to our first Studio Sessions. We hope to deliver a studio round up every couple of months offering a little insight into the creative goings-on in the studio, including a sneak peek at our sketch books, works in progress and design concepts. This week we’ve been playing with a few concept designs involving promotional folders and business brochures, a mobile App and the early storyboard stages for an up-coming video / animation project. James kicked back with a beer last week after...

Fred parajump

British Para veteran takes to the skies

90 yr. old British Para veteran takes to the skies in name of Cancer Research Fredrick Glover (aka John) is to take on one more skydive to celebrate his 90th birthday. In an effort to welcome this important milestone in his life Fredrick will also...