6 do’s and don'ts for your office party.

19th December, 2014


The office Christmas party is a long-standing tradition and over the years, for one reason or another (alcohol maybe) the office party has established a number of notorious attributes that have become ‘part and parcel’ of the event. It was recently noted that at least 20% of employees have apologised to a boss or colleague following a Christmas party. Acts like getting too drunk, telling bad jokes, vomiting in front of the boss or dancing like an idiot are all too familiar scenes. An...

Glug brighton Chritsmas tree auction

Glug Brighton | Christmas tree auction.

It was a good turn-out for the Glug festive meet-up. The atmosphere was relaxed and although only being the 2nd December, everyone seemed game to get into the Christmas spirit. The event was again co-hosted by Agency Rush and Crush Creative and the party...

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The Nexus Christmas card challenge

THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED BUT YOU CAN STILL DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE - GET FOLDING! Fancy giving it a go? Watch this video guide for help in making your origami Christmas tree… skip to 4.38 if you would rather watch...