It's finally over!!!

29th January, 2010


Well, according to the media, the recession is officially over. So what does this mean to our businesses? Will we all immediately go out and spend, spend, spend? Will the telephone suddenly start ringing like it did in the 'good old days'? Well, we haven't seen much evidence in the first week that people are more confident about the state of the economy but I shall be monitoring the changes over the next few weeks to see if there is an upturn in enquiries and orders. As confidence in the economy...


Snow excuse?

So the news has made a real meal of the fact that everyone has lost out on trade over the recent snow days. Are the media scare mongering again, or do we have a real problem? As a country we are generally unprepared for the onslaught of snow with perhaps...


Another day of snow another excuse to throw things at each other!

Mike, Dan, Erin and James made it in today to keep the Nexus flag flying! We have been working hard to keep things running smoothly for all our clients.... but we couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity for a snowball fight or two! I have uploaded...