Diamonds are a girls best friend

11th December, 2008


This Christmas H.Samuel have released a suite of TV adverts including one full length advert and three teaser ads. The ads feature animation by 'The Moving Picture Company'. The theme continues on from their 2007 Christmas adverts and once again feature the magical jewellery expert, 'Mr Sparkle,' collecting sparkles for diamonds used in their jewellery. This year 'Mr Sparkle' is working hard in his vast workshop carefully selecting the right sparkle from his collection and adding it to the diamond. The...


Top 5 Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

1) Relying on one element of the marketing mix If you rely on just one type of marketing you are missing out on thousands of potential customers that will never see/hear your message. By using a mix of media your message stands a far better chance of...