Green Issue

23rd May, 2008


This morning I flicked through the latest copy of a Marie Clare, a popular women's magazine. It isn't a title that I would normally buy, but it is the first "eco-chic" issue of the glossy mag. I was intrigued to find out which brands are making a commitment to the environment and also how I might be able to make a difference, even if it is only a small one. I have noticed a real change in magazine advertising of late, with a string of tag words being used to promote products and services. Eco friendly,...

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Prices are going through the roof!!

We have always been told that the paperless office is just around the corner however I have been in the business since 1974 and we are selling and using more paper than ever. As a full service agency we are always thinking of ways to help our clients...

Credit Crunch & Recession? Advertise your way to safety

Credit Crunch & Recession? Advertise your way to safety

First of all the media was full of the credit crunch, then it was economic slow down but now the dreaded 'r' word has started to rear it's ugly head. Several indicators suggest the UK in 2008 is at least in an economic slow down; house prices are falling,...