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3rd March, 2017

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*This position has now been filled*

We are recruiting for a new team member to help generate new business for our little agency.

Could it be you?

Perhaps someone you know? 

To help you work out if you'd fit in with our lovely team we’ve created a handy checklist covering some of the crucial characteristics we are looking for in the candidate.

Design agency job checklist

1. Are you happy and positive?

2. Are you sociable?

3. Do you have a creative and resourceful mind?

4. Do you like chips, cake and other treats?

5. Do you have experience working in quite a small room with six other people?

6. Can you make excellent tea?

7. Are you generally quite awesome?

8. Do you have a sense of humour? (Because we are all comedy geniuses)

9. Do you love design?

10. Can you juggle or do something else cool like that?

11. Do you like getting stuck into creative sales initiatives and marketing campaigns?

12. Are you happy working for the good of the team?

13. Do you have good attention to detail?

14. Would you like to have a view of the sea from your office?

15. Do you have a thick skin so that we can tease you a little bit?


What was your score? Above 10? You should apply today!


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