Goodbye Richard

2nd March, 2017

Richard's retirement

Richard Putnam at his retirement meal last week.

Last week we sent off our friend and colleague Richard Putnam, as he (FINALLY) retired from his role in our accounts department. I am not being mean by saying finally - he has retired once already but he didn’t actually leave. We are pretty sure it’s for real this time but we hope he still comes to see us.

Richard has been a long-standing staff member at Nexus, joining the team when we were first established as a sales executive before moving on to manage our accounts and finances. His presence will certainly be missed and we are very grateful for the many years he gave to our company, as well as the many funny memories we have from our time working with him.

Here’s a few moments captured from the daytime drinking session civilised meal we had last Friday at Tosca’s in Shoreham.




Suzanne has taken over Richard’s role and will be the point of contact for any financial related enquiries.

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