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31st March, 2017

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SME’s are defined as any business with under 250 employees, so thinking of our local business community, it’s safe to say that most of the companies in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas in Sussex fall into this category. In actual fact, SME’s account for over 99% of all businesses in the UK which is pretty incredible.

But it’s not always easy being an SME.

No matter how dedicated and engaged your workforce are, your business will almost always find it reaches its capacity in terms of resource before it reaches its ideal. With the average turnover for SME’s being only a little above £300k, we have to prioritise spending money on the essential operations of our business often before we can consider investing money elsewhere. For this reason design, branding and marketing is sorely neglected - seen as a luxury rather than a necessity to the successful running of a company. However promising the return on investment looks, the initial investment in a design agency or a new member of staff can be so unachievable that it’s pointless even considering it as an option.

Well, we don’t think that’s fair.

Great design, intelligent branding and powerful marketing are key to the success of a business and we believe that should be accessible for everyone. In this highly competitive climate, your business has to shout in order to be heard over the rabble around it. You’re competing with companies who have international teams dedicated to design and marketing, so it is imperative that you get yours in order if you want to keep your business in the frame.

For this reason, we offer bespoke retainer packages to suit SME’s. You set us a monthly budget and we do the work you need - it’s that simple. Whether you want to spend £100 a month or £1000 a month, you get full access to designers, creatives, marketeers, SEO experts, developers and project managers without overstretching your team or overspending on budget.

Head over to our retainer page to read about what’s involved or give us a call to book a no obligation chat with our team on:

01273 702525

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