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14th March, 2017

Alphanimals Print

Image by Graham Carter

Saturday saw the launch of the brand-new children’s book ‘Alphamals’ by the very talented Brighton illustrator Graham Carter.

Our developer Steve Elford and I with our respective families dropped in to see what the fuss was all about. The venue for the launch was the enchanting little independent children’s bookshop The Book Nook in First Avenue, Hove. The quaint space was full to bursting with excited children (and parents!) all eagerly awaiting the first reading of the book. The children were very impressed to be told that they were the first in the whole world to have ever seen the book!

Graham was asked to read from the book and chose to read the descriptions and it was left to the children to guess which particular animal he had chosen to illustrate. There was much head scratching from both the children and the parents when it came to the letter Q, as the creature Graham had chosen to illustrate was not one that you would expect!


The bubbly and wonderful chocolate cake was served and Graham busied himself signing copies of the book - and there was quite a queue!

Steve’s daughter and my grandson both left the shop proudly holding their copies of the book after having enjoyed a wonderful afternoon.

We wish Graham every success with future sales of this beautiful book and for those of you who love his illustrations as much as we do, you can by individual prints at http://www.boxbird.co.uk/gallery/graham-carter/the-alphamals-alphabet/ ... Did we mention we designed their website?

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