Understanding Web Projects

28th November, 2016


It's important to understand what your web agency is talking about.

Most of us use websites every day. We use them to work, to shop, to find our way, to communicate and they aid us with general day to day requirements hopefully making life a little bit easier in the process. For many of us, using a website is second nature and we can navigate our way around the internet without having to think too hard about it. Even those of us who aren’t thoroughly computer literate can usually understand a website without too much trouble.

Yet somehow when it comes to creating a website, people often find themselves a bit lost.

One of the reasons for this is because technical terminology can make web development sound incredibly daunting and confusing. Unfamiliar words and phrases are a nightmare and if you’ve ever dealt with a web design agency, you’ll know that there is a fair amount of information to get to grips with.

Trying to decode the language is a difficult task.

What I can assure you of, is that the concepts beneath the terminology are usually very simple and no more complicated than our everyday understanding of websites. Familiarising yourself with the words and phrases of web designers is the key to ensuring you are in charge of your project and are comfortable with the decisions being made concerning your website.

Our advice:

1. Do some preliminary research 

2. Ask questions if you dont understand 

3. Learn the language 

These steps will help you understand your requirements and enable you to communicate them effectively. It's our goal to ensure that our clients are informed and supported throughout a project, instead of lost in a sea of jargon. For this reason, we've created a handy jargon buster which details an A-Z of web design and web devlopment terms together with their definitions. 

Check it out here.


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