Top 10 creative Christmas promotional gifts

1st November, 2016

Promotional Christmas gift

Gold box tied with a ribbon.

For businesses, there is always a lot to think about at Christmas. Depending on your industry, work can sometimes slow down or become inconceivably busy.  This might mean that either your Christmas budget will suffer or your time available to organise anything suffers instead. But no matter the circumstance, there are still offices to be decorated, gifts to be given and expectations to fulfill. There is really no escape. 
Gift giving is important, particularly for businesses. It’s an opportunity to show staff and customers that you value them - a small gesture that goes an incredibly long way. Perhaps when deep in the chaos of Christmas shopping, as we fight our way round our local shopping centre looking for a please-all gift solution, we might start to think - is this really worth it? But the likely reality is that without your staff you wouldn’t have many customers and without your customers you wouldn’t have much of a business. So when you think about it these people are really important, so what better way of showing your appreciation than a small but thoughtful present. 
But what to buy? How much to spend? Yes, there are many considerations and plenty of potential pitfalls, especially if we’re talking about large quantities. So we thought we’d throw you a lifeline. Our promotional gifts department has some fantastic Christmas solutions, which can be printed to reflect your brand and ordered quickly and painlessly via our microsite. We’ve collated 10 of our favourites below, but click through to the promotional gifts microsite for more information and to view the full range. 



Our Top 10 Seasonal Promotional Gifts



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