There's a new MD at Nexus

27th May, 2016

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Out with the old, in with ... the Young.

We are delighted to announce that our beloved General Manager Claudine Young has taken on ownership of our business and is now instated as our new Managing Director. The previous owner, Steve Wadman, had been winding down to retirement for a number of months before the final handover a few weeks ago. 

Having worn many hats during her time at Nexus, Claudine has a unique first hand insight into our industry and our team. We are already enjoying the changes she's put into place - including a 4pm Friday finish and the occasional beer in the studio to bring the week to a close. 

As well as these nice touches, she has a real challenge ahead of her. Running a business in 2016 is no mean feat - it's going to take flexible and creative leadership to keep Nexus running as a successful business. For months prior to this, our team have spent time sharpening the focus on our aims as a creative agency and our goals for cultivating an exciting portfolio of work. This means servicing our clients to the highest standard possible as well as going the extra mile with each and every brief we receive. 

These are exciting times indeed for Nexus. With other big changes just around the corner we'll be sure to keep you posted as the latest chapter of our story unfolds. 

Claudine has this to say about her new role:

“I am really lucky to have an awesome team behind me. Although my new role is not overly different than that as General Manager, there comes with it a huge responsibility to our clients, my staff and our trusted partners. Nothing much will change on the surface, but there will be a lot of work going on behind the scenes to bring some new and interesting product lines into the mix. I have been lucky to have received some fantastic advice and real positive feedback from many of our long term clients and I am really excited by the future. Thanks to everyone for their continued support and here’s to the future."

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