Paper Vs Digital the environmental impact

18th November, 2015

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It is no surprise to hear that the paper and the print industry have a huge impact on our environment. So for those of us working with print, there will always be a sense of responsibility to understand this impact and look for ways to reduce our paper and print waste. Yet there are still many myths out there that surround the paper industry.

We recently came across this little video, which does away with many of those misconceptions and presents a few handy facts to demonstrate that the paper industry is actually one of the most eco-responsible – proving when it comes to putting your green foot forward, digital is not always the best answer. 

If you or your company want to make responsible environmental choices then just be sure you’re making them based on verifiable information. Here are a few resource links you may find helpful:  

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Handy PDF by Prinovis on print and paper myths and facts...


How environmentally friendly is your paper - Blog post by Print-Print

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