Laser paper cutting: 7 ways to get creative with your business printing

4th November, 2015

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Laser paper and card cutting services offer an almost endless list of possibilities and creativity to your printed materials. The art of paper cutting has been around for many years yet the development of unique and intricate paper art you could say has become rather trendy of late.

With artists such as Rob Ryan who has demonstrated the vast creative potential in his wonderfully imaginative pieces of paper-cut artwork and gifts cards, it is no wonder this has become a popular process. 

Image source:Rob Ryan blog

Of course the greeting card industry has embraced this inventiveness but that is not to say that the technique should simply be restricted to birthday and Christmas cards. There is a huge amount of scope to embrace this creative and stylish process into your own branded and business printing. 

We are talking business cards, calendars, promotional flyers and interactive designs that grab the attention of your potential clients and leave a lasting yet creative impression of your business brand. 

Here are 7 ways to integrate laser cutting into your corporate printed products. 

Get Creative with your Corporate Calendars

Laser cutting offers an endless amount of creativity. The sky really is the limit for designs and techniques you can use. As long as your design team is worth their salt, you can easily create stylish desk calendars that act as permanent prompts to your clients in a thoughtful and innovative way. 

Promotional leave behind 

The very nature of a leave behind or self-promotional mailer is to grab attention and get those potential clients to remember you and your services. Your designer and paper cut specialists can provide you with clever and interactive ideas that will guarantee to keep your business in your client’s minds. Take a look at this very cool etching of twiggy (as an example of the laser capabilities available) there is great potential here to produce a clever brand message.

Upon lighting the impression you can see how the use of white space results in the design being portrayed on to the board - making for a fabulously interactive and impressive leave behind.

Creative brochures

The laser cut process takes the designer out of their comfort zone, forcing them to think outside of the box and turn those ordinary printed products into something extra special.
Source: Point to Paper

Paper cutting is perfect for creating one of a kind presentation folders that are a great way to supply branded marketing material or pitch documents to your potential clients.

Innovative Business Cards 

We get it – this is not a new thing. Business cards are far more interactive and innovative these days doubling as samples and promo messaging, as we proved in our article “25 business cards that demand attention”.

The use of laser cutting here can still be a clever yet subtle method of reinvigorating your business cards.

Window Vinyl’s 
Intricate window displays incorporating company messages can make use of the laser cut process because they can be applied to practically any smooth surface. Store fronts, office windows and door panes can all make creative use of this technology to create an innovative way of displaying your brand message or logo.

Company Greeting Cards

Laser cutting offers an endless amount of freedom to your designs. The sky really is the limit for the shapes and techniques you can include, so et this inspire you to start thinking about other ways you can integrate this into your print marketing. 

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