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10th November, 2015

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Last week we welcomed our super talented web developer Steve Elford into the office. Steve has been working with us remotely for over 8 years heading up Traffic Web Developement LTD and has worked on the majority of our client’s websites during that time.

We are really pleased to finally have him working in-house as part of the studio - it marks an exciting time for our team who are already gearing up for a productive 2016.

Having Steve’s expertise in-house will provide greater support for our team and our clients, allowing us to be even more creative with all our digital and web development projects.

We will be looking to make some changes to our own website in the coming months and exploring ways of improving the usability of our CMS. We are keen to make changes so our clients can have an even more enjoyable experience when managing their own websites. 

meet Steve Elford
Just look at this friendly chap.

We have plenty of fun projects in the pipeline too and we are all really pleased to be rounding up 2015 with a house full of creative promise.

To mark Steve’s arrival and his first Christmas working as part of the Nexus team, we will be launching a fun Christmas competition at the beginning of December so keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks for more details!

In the mean time if you have any questions about your own website or just need some advice, please feel free to contact Steve directly via email steve@nexusdp.co.uk or book in a free consultation at 01273 702525 

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