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14th August, 2015

BAA Sketches

Welcome to our first Studio Sessions.

We hope to deliver a studio round up every couple of months offering a little insight into the creative goings-on in the studio, including a sneak peek at our sketch books, works in progress and design concepts.

This week we’ve been playing with a few concept designs involving promotional folders and business brochures, a mobile App and the early storyboard stages for an up-coming video / animation project.

James kicked back with a beer last week after successfully completing the Brighton Accommodation Agency mobile App. “Overall it was a really fun and satisfying project to be involved in. We really understood what the customer needed from the App and as a result our designs focused heavily on usability and functionality.”

You can see some of the early day’s sketches below. Click here to see the full project.


Last week Fiona created a few design ideas for a global wireless solutions company who require a promotional folder and business brochure.

“My initial sketches for one of the folder designs were focussed around the recognisable wireless icon which naturally became incorporated into the overall function and fastener of the folder. I envisaged using a spot UV print processes so I could really enhance the design and overall look of the folder.  ”

Work in progress: Folder & Branding exercise, artwork files and template test prints.  


Another fun project on the horizon is an animation video for a commercial kitchen fitters company. So far we have filled our blackboard with ideas and completed the full storyboard for the project ready for next stage discussions in coming weeks.

Work in progress…Portfolio video: Storyboarding. 


Lastly we are in the early stages of redesigning a logo for a property construction and refurbishment company.  Fiona is working on the designs this week in preparation to presenting to our client for feedback.

“I have been playing with some initial logo sketches along with a website visual and brochure spread. Seeing these print and digital examples branded up with the new brand elements really helps the client understand how the brand will look when rolled out across all of their marketing collateral. We’re looking forward to putting our ideas across to the client next week.”

We’ll be updating the blog with more concept designs and “works in progress” next month. If you have any new projects you'd like to discuss with our team then just give us a call or send us an email  - we'll be happy to chat it through!

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