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1st May, 2015

Martlets Artinitiative

A couple of weeks ago we were visited by Elizabeth Baxter, Head of Major Individual & Business Giving for Martlets Hospice. We have assisted them with marketing and print campaigns for a couple of years now. It was great to meet Elizabeth and learn all about the Martlets fundraising projects in the coming months.

Elizabeth’s visit also gave us chance to hand over our collection pot which we have been adding to on our ‘Dress down Friday' each week. So far we have raised £79.21 for the Hospice and will continue to pop a £1.00 into the collection pot every Friday. Elizabeth kindly said, “It is only with such kind support from companies like Nexus that we can raise the money we need to care for so many patients and their families.” It is great to know that every penny raised goes directly to providing care & service for local people with terminal illnesses.

We also heard about the Martlets up-coming fundraiser initiative, The Top Secret Art Project. This is a really exciting idea, which is encouraging individuals to get creative and submit an anonymous piece of art, which will eventually go into an online auction later in the year. 

The charity hopes to raise over £20,000 and have even managed to entice some celebrities to take part. Participants will be asked to sign the back of the A5 card provided to ensure their entry is entirely anonymous. The blind auction helps add suspense to the initiatve, as anyone bidding will only know who has created the painting, picture or photo until they win & receive the item.

So, it’s a great chance to potentially get your hands on a piece of artwork created by a celebrity or famous artist, that is if you know what you are looking for!

The team are trying to encourage as many people as possible to take part - with such a fun & interactive campaign and for such a great cause, we don’t imagine they will struggle getting the people of Brighton involved. All participating artists will also be invited to a review evening prior to the auction going live.  

If you are interested in taking part in this exciting fundraiser then just visit the Martlets events board for further details and get creative.




Original image by Shawn Campbell 

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