The Brighton Marathon makes me happy

15th April, 2015


Sunday saw over 100,000 people visit Brighton for the city’s 6th marathon. Event founder Tim Hutching stated “it was probably one of the busiest years they have seen.” Event organisers Grounded Events did an amazing job and the day was clearly an enjoyable experience for both runners and spectators alike.

We went along to cheer on a good friend in his amazing efforts and although I’ve been a spectator in previous years, I can easily say the atmosphere this year felt a little different. At a time when the world feels a little broken, a sporting event is always a good way to rebuild a bit of hope in humankind. This year’s Brighton Marathon certainly opened my eyes to this and made me realise that all is not lost.

Even as a spectator, it is hard not to feel blown away and a tad emotional by the never-ending waves of good feeling and encouraging cheers from the thousands of people around you. With endless shouts, such as “Go on Johnny” (never met Johnny in my life) and “you can do it Laura, you’re amazing” it’s hard to ignore how unified an event like this makes us. If only we could be as kind to each other the rest of the year round.

Around 10,000 runners took on the marathon this year and the participants themselves also relayed this amazingly positive sentiment.

Our office peaking out over the stampede of crazy runners!

I couldn’t count how many runners I saw helping and encouraging one another around the race. And by the finish line it was hard not to feel choked up watching fellow attendees (complete strangers) stopping in their tracks (their finish time ticking away) to support struggling runners, arm in arm, and get across that line!

All in all my friends and I came away from the Brighton Marathon feeling really rather happy and this was mainly down to a renewed gratitude that overall, us humans, really are pretty darn wonderful.

My final congratulations go to Tom Simpson on your epic running time of 3hr52, even with a knee injury. Smashed it ;-)
Tom completed the marathon to fundraise for locally based Fishersgate amateur boxing club and community centre. Good job!


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