Is it time to go mobile-friendly?

27th January, 2015


If you own or manage a website, I am sure that you will have heard about the latest warnings Google has been sending to webmasters of websites which are not yet mobile-friendly.
We discussed the impending mobile friendly algorithm changes on our blog last November and it looks very likely that these changes will be taking effect in 2015.

Last week, Search Engine Land produced an interesting article discussing these notifications, stressing that webmasters need to “fix mobile usability issues found”. In some cases, these sites have been warned that “100% of the pages have critical usability errors” and “these pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search”. The notice goes on to instruct the Webmaster to “fix this now”. 

Google’s experiments since November last year have also shown the introduction of mobile tags in Search Engine Results Pages, as well as mobile testing tools, so there are many factors suggesting that modifications are probable.   

Last week Google Webmasters also made mention of their handy step-by-step guide with the tag “It’s time to go #mobilefriendly”. These guides are for anyone who might be using standard CMS systems or software that is not yet mobile friendly. Google has advised however that in many cases these sites may automatically be mobile-friendly so the owner may not need to do much at all.

If your website software is not on the list then you may need to consider upgrading to a responsive, mobile-friendly design. We have been assisting many businesses with the switchover for a few years now so if you need any advice or support, feel free to give us a call and we will point you in the right direction. 

Have a look to see if there is a tutorial for your site…

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