6 do’s and don'ts for your office party.

19th December, 2014


The office Christmas party is a long-standing tradition and over the years, for one reason or another (alcohol maybe) the office party has established a number of notorious attributes that have become ‘part and parcel’ of the event. It was recently noted that at least 20% of employees have apologised to a boss or colleague following a Christmas party. Acts like getting too drunk, telling bad jokes, vomiting in front of the boss or dancing like an idiot are all too familiar scenes.

An office party is also not everyone’s idea of fun.  For some of us, no matter how much alcohol is on offer, just the very idea of spending additional time with your colleagues and bosses can fill you with everything but Christmas cheer. So, with that in mind, here are our top 6 do’s and don’ts to get you through your office party – who knows, if you follow them closely, you might just enjoy yourself. 

1. DO: Turn up.

Whether you love or hate them, attending your office party (Christmas or otherwise) is pretty much a must. As with most social events at work, turning up and taking part shows you are enthusiastic and have an invested interest in your company and colleagues. You don’t have to stay all night but by choosing not to attend you risk upsetting the balance in the team and may even be viewed as a bit of killjoy. 

2. DON’T: Get too drunk.

We have all been there, maybe more times than we care to remember.

A free bar may seem like a very enticing offer at the start of the night, but we promise you, the free booze will be the last thing on your mind when you’re vomiting all over your boss’s shoes!

Treat the party as a good time to get to know your colleagues outside of the working environment. This is an ideal time to get to know them on a more personal level and can be helped along by a couple of glasses of fizz…not the whole bottle!

3. DO: Dress appropriately.

How you dress at work is always an important factor to consider and the same goes for the office party. Make sure you know the dress code and stick to it. Our top tips…dress a little fancier than usual, but girls avoid anything too low-cut; it won’t do you any favours. 

Take some tips from the Mad Men girls and dress appropriately.
Source: 2gzr

4. DON’T: Talk office politics.

It’s been a long working year, seeing the same old faces day in day out so it’s understandable and perfectly natural that the leading topic of conversation you have with your peers is work and everything connected to it. A few glasses of wine down and it can be all too easy to get carried away with futile gossip.

Stop right there.

Lets face it, the last place you want to be is caught in a heated discussion about the latest gossip and office irritations…remember your job is far more important than a bit of idle chatter and you never know who might be listening.

Source : ivillage

5. DO: Enjoy yourself:

The most important of all our points – have a good time. After all it is just a little get-together, a chance to enjoy a drink, relax and unwind in preparation for the New Year. Ensure you spend time talking with everyone and if your smart about it you can use this time to show yourself in your best light. Just know your limit and stick to it. 

6. DON’T: Call in sick the next day.

It’s safe to say that if your office party falls in the middle of the week the following day is likely to be a long one. But choosing to call in sick the day after the party is never going to go down well, no matter how much brandy you managed to consume. It is unprofessional, your boss won’t like it and your teammates (with their equally pounding heads) will not appreciate that they dragged themselves in and you chose not to. 

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