Fundraising Friday

14th November, 2014

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We are generally quite a smart looking bunch, or so we’d like to think, but we do tend to take a more relaxed approach to our style on a Friday – it’s the end of the week after all!

As we make these comfy Friday’s a regular occurrence we thought it would be a good reason to raise a bit of money in the process. 

We have currently been assisting the the Martlets Hospice with the design of their latest booklet so they immediately popped to mind when we were thinking of a charity to raise some funds for.

The Hospice offers incredible support to so many families who are affected by terminal illness across Sussex. As with many hospices the need to fundraise is essential. The Martlets need to raise over £9000.00 a day to provide support, care and assistance to patients and their families. 

Every pound helps the cause and we will all be contributing at least £1.00 each & every Friday to our pot for this amazing charity. We will of course be doing more fundraising events in the coming year, which is why we have chosen the Martlets as our charity of choice for 2015.

If you want to show your support for The Martlets please visit their website for more details about their amazing work and make a donation. 

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