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15th March, 2013


The Internet is a complex world and provides many challenges to the companies involved in Website production.

Everyone is clambouring to be on page one of Google and many people end up scratching their heads wondering why their website is not being found. Worst still, when someone does land on their page why do they quickly move off to another site?

Nexus has put together a formidable package of Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Website Build all under one roof.

We have formed a working partnership with a local business - No Pork Pies and together with our web developer Steve Elford, we are now seen as the local Brighton business to be talking to for everything Web.

This strategic partnership resulted in a significant new website build for Brightwell Dispensers based in Newhaven, who are a major exporter around the world of Washroom Dispensing Solutions. They opted for the full package of Design, Build and SEO.

We held a seminar at My Hotel in Brighton town centre on Thursday the 14th March entitled "Marketing in the Social Age - Is your website working for you or against you?"

35 companies attended the event which proved to be a great success, judging from the feedback in the bar afterwards and this gave delegates a chance to network before going home.

We were delighted to receive this glowing testimonial, as our goal was to share our expertise and build relationships with local companies.

"Thank you for an informative and enjoyable afternoon at your joint Nexus and No Pork Pies seminar at MyHotel yesterday. The three speakers did a good job of getting their respective messages across in my view and the location was pleasant too.
The big take-away for me was the reminder that to be effective on-line, one needs a consistent approach on all channels, always starting with the customers point of view - From a website designed to be easy to use ('without thinking' as the presenter put it), providing great content that is relevant to prospect's needs, transparency in dealings with questions and issues that crop up on Social Media and overall monitoring in place to check progress against pre-defined goals.

The tips received are ideas I can usefully implement in my business and for my clients.. on this basis, I'd be interested in hearing about your future events." Gerry Hussein, , Brighton.

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