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10th November, 2010

When I was at school there was one word which we were discouraged from using so frequently that every time I hear it these days I feel I should attempt to cover a small childs ears over with my hands and apologise for using bad language.

Its a word not often heard in creative circles and one which those in the marketing industry also have a strong dislike towards. Yet one company has recently released a television advert which recurrently uses this word and appears to do so in a positive light!

If you havent worked it out yet, the word I am referring to is nice. Even writing it makes me cringe. Its such a non-descriptive, bland and utterly uninteresting word. It surprises me that an established brand such as Ambi Pur has created an expensive campaign based around such a boring and plain concept. I know their other adverts havent exactly been ground breaking or awe-inspiring but this latest ad really lacks any form of creativity. To give them some credit, the ad delivers a clear message and its hardly a product worth screaming about but there are other adjectives that would have done it better justice.

Perhaps Im over analyzing something that was simply designed just to create awareness of the pleasant/enjoyable/lovely/satisfying/charming/beautiful/divine/exquisite fragrance produced by an air freshener but for some reason I just cant justify purchasing something purely because Ive been told that its nice.

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