Our Ben is a star!!!

6th May, 2010

You may remember that Ben Hillman our very own freelancer recently appeared in a TV competition on ITV's This Morning and won a fabulous opportunity to show off his amazing interior design skills in his own six episode slot on the show.

This started today and everyone at Nexus watched Ben create a funky shoe cabinet/umbrella stand out of a piece of high street flat pack furniture.

This is what they said about Ben....

Ben Hillman's tips for making a happy hallway.

After winning This Morning's Next Big Thing competition, Ben Hillman claims his prize as he presents his very own strand on Interior Design.

Ben will be taking high street and flatpack furniture, and customising and modifying it to create something completely different.
From broomsticks to desk lamps, kitchen doors to coffee tables, door handles to coat hooks, Ben will make you throw away the instruction book as he invites to you share in this creativity and imagination!

Cool Ben!!! We can't wait to see what is in store next week.

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