What do people think about your business?

22nd March, 2010

What do people think about when they see your company branding? Do they trust you? Do you inspire confidence? Do you ooze knowledge?? With the country in the grip of the worst recession in years and orders at an all time low,? it's the companies with the strongest brands that will prosper and get the lion's share of the business. But it isn't all about branding.
OK... your next question will be.... What can I do to make myself noticed?
Here are some ways to bring your company to the forefront:

Remember to keep your brand fresh and new. Move with the times. In everyday life we all want to buy new things to keep up with the times. Upgrade your TV perhaps or buy a new bed. Well your brand is no different. It can become stale and old and lack the freshness needed to give you the edge.


Be creative.
Identify the most effective way to reach your target audience. Advertising is one way but there are many others. With a bit of creative thinking it is amazing what you can do on a relatively tight budget. If you don't have a creative mind, employ someone who will work on this on your behalf.

Don't just say it.... Do it!
It is pointless being the best at talking about your business and spending your precious budgets on advertising and marketing if you don't follow up with actions. If you say you're the best then you had better be the best. If you say you will deliver, mean it and do it! Bad news travels far faster than anything and the chances are if you make a mistake, your bad news will travel three times faster than if you make an exceptional job.

Keep up with the Jones's
Always make sure you keep up with your customer's business. Know how they are changing and how these changes affect you. Be one step ahead. Ask questions. Talking costs nothing and will give you an advantage over your competitors as well as forging a better relationship with your customers.

If you would like to discuss your marketing needs or feel your brand could benefit from a fresh look please contact us. As I have said.... talking costs nothing!

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