Watchout for the Panteater

6th July, 2009

Fairtrade' Pants to Poverty underwear brand is running a viral campaign to raise awareness of how the misuse of pesticides is injuring farmers who supply cotton to make underwear.

The campaign warns the public of the dangers of 'bad pants', through stories of a mythical creature known as ‘The Panteater' and it's victim Jessie Welk who goes to humorous ends to protect himself from the Panteater's attack.

According to Pants to Poverty there are more than 12 million ‘bad pants' in the UK containing traces of the banned pesticide Endosulfan. The viral campaign informs that Endosulfan is responsible for poisoning and killing 20,000 farmers in the developing world every year. A serious message delivered in a broadly funny (dark but funny) way.

On 7 July there was a global 'Pants Amnesty' hosted by Pants to Poverty in 16 countries and participants were invited to swap their bad pants for a pair of fairtrade, pesticide free ones.

As viral campaigns go it is quite long at around 3 minutes but definately worthy of a mention here.

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